Thursday, October 17, 2013

Psychoanalysis for the Uninitiated

Hearing the term psychotherapy can be overwhelming and a little scary at first if you don't understand the treatment or its objectives. It doesn't have to be that way though, if you understand that this really isn't something out of a science fiction or Frankenstein's play book.

The idea behind this kind of treatment is that much of our behavior is determined by our environment as a child, as well as the genetic characteristics passed down by our parents. Psychoanalysis looks at the idea that even if these events took place before we our actual memories took hold, they still have the ability to affect how we make our choices in adulthood.

Another facet of psychoanalysis psychotherapy looks at the natural drives that humans have to do certain things and how that affects our daily choices without us being really aware of it. Patients may get frustrated by finding out that their mind doesn't want to cooperate as treatment tries to expose these mental processes that they aren't fully aware of.

For a quick overview as to what kind of questions this involves, consider taking an online psychology test. This will not be a comprehensive overview but it will give you a brief introduction.

There is also the matter of repressed memories that were so traumatic that the patient needs to have psychotherapy counseling in order to bring them to the surface once again. This method helps the patients understand where their emotion base comes from and they constantly feel a certain way. The internal freedom that is achieved for these patients can be surprising to them after they have completed the process, despite the difficulty that it involves.

For patients who have a relatively calm life but still find themselves experiencing stressful dreams or thoughts, they might benefit from visiting a psychoanalysis expert to see what their suggestions might be. The act of talking to a stranger who isn't involved in your life can sometimes be very insightful, as you're not really worried about censoring what you have to say and can find out some things as they come out of your mouth for the first time. Despite what we tell ourselves and those who love us, oftentimes the truth lies somewhere beneath, especially if it's something we really don't want to admit.

After you discover how psychoanalysis psychotherapy teaches patients to understand why they do or say certain things based on their real emotions, it's not as overwhelming and becomes something that is easier to understand and accept. Visit the online psychology test if you have questions.

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  1. Your first paragraph was really well written, not to mention the rest of the article! I'm looking into how psychotherapy counseling works. I think it could really help my aunt and uncle get along better.
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